Volunteer with Beneath The Sea

Beneath The Sea is without a doubt the largest show of its kind in the world today. And sometimes it seems to be an unmanageable beast. But, like the cavalry riding to the rescue, there are the BTS volunteers.

Beneath the Sea depends on volunteers, many who work during the show weekend and some dedicated souls who work year-round to create the show. We especially need new people to join our year-round volunteers.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help at the show or year-round can contact our volunteer coordinator at Volunteer@BeneathTheSea.org

For a copy of the volunteer registration form click here. Remember that each volunteer must fill out and sign a volunteer waiver form. Thank you for your support.


Beneath the Sea is handicapped accessible. If you require special aids or services please e-mail us at info@beneaththesea.org or call 914.664.4310
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