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Sea of Tomorrow Scholarship Society Offers Financial Assistance

The application deadline for scholarships is December 31, 2013 unless noted otherwise.

Don Reynolds Memorial Scholarship - $1000  

A living act of remembrance from the Board of Trustees of Beneath The Sea for one of their own that passed too soon to be forgotten. To be eligible for this scholarship you must be a deserving young man or woman, ages 17-25, currently pursuing a marine career future in a program at a recognized training facility for which the addition of scuba diving certification would enhance the credentials and talent you already possess and thus serve to further your opportunities. The winner of the Don Reynolds Memorial Scholarship will receive a complete certification course leading to Open Water Diver with a recognized international certifying agency.  A minimum of fifty percent of the funds are to be allocated for training. No more than fifty percent can be applied for equipment.  Click Here for the Don Reynolds Memorial Scholarship Application Requirements and Form

The Art of Underwater Photography Scholarship -- Value $1,000

A beginner’s hands-on introduction study class in Underwater Photography and imaging fundamentals given by renowned underwater photographer and Women Divers Hall of Fame member - Maria Hults. Thanks to the generosity of Riekstin’s Restaurants, this course will include a camera and underwater housing suitable for beginners. Applicants should be 16 – 24. (Note: Course will be conducted only in the New York Metro Area.)  Click Here for the Art of Underwater Photography Scholarship Application Requirements and Form

Sea of Tomorrow Scholarship $1,000

To be awarded to an individual 17 to 21 years of age to participate in a recognized or accredited program in the fields of marine environmental conservation, biology, ecology, research, or training in a diving related program necessary for participation in these fields of endeavor. Click Here for the Sea of Tomorrow Scholarship Application Requirements and Form

Discovery Scholarship $1,500

The Board of Trustees of Beneath The Sea has endowed this Discovery Scholarship to an individual 12 to18 years of age searching for a life focus, to consider a marine career. This scholarship may be applied to any recognized program in the field of marine study or its many support services.  Click Here for the Discovery Scholarship Application Requirements and Form

Jordan Viders Spirit of the Sea Award and Scholarship $1,000

Established in 2007 in celebration of Jordan Viders, son of Hillary and Richard Viders, the Spirit of the Sea award and Scholarship means to recognize the forces driving young adults 30 years and younger who, like Jordan, follow a career path using electronics to illuminate and expand our underwater knowledge. Click Here for the Spirit of the Sea Scholarship Application Requirements and Form

The WDHOF/Ocean Pals Junior Dive Training Grant $1000

A $1,000 training grant (up to $500 for training and up to $500 for dive equipment) will be awarded to a deserving young woman, ages 13-18, who wishes to begin or further her dive education/training. Up to $500 may be used for dive training, and up to $500 may be used for dive equipment. The grant is presented in the form of a certificate, to be redeemed at the time the recipient enrolls in an approved diving course/program and purchases dive equipment, at which time the funds are paid directly to the training facility and supplier of the equipment. Deadline for this application is November 15, 2013. Access the Ocean Pals Scholarship application form at     

Jorge Beale Hyperbaric Medicine Scholarship

Life Support Technologies group has created a scholarship in memory of a dear friend and co-worker, Dr Jorge Beale. A true pioneer and educator in diving and hyperbaric medicine, Dr. Beale was fundamental in the vitality of Life Support Technologies and our work supporting the Divers Alert Network. The winner of this scholarship will be invited to a Life Support Technologies forty-hour UHMS approved course (visit for course dates and info). If you are interested in this scholarship please compose an essay on “What Hyperbarics Means to You?” and email to

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