2018 Beneath The Sea - Marine Careers Scholarships Recipients

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Congratulations to the 2018 Scholarship Recipients

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Advanced Scuba Diving Certification Scholarship - $1000 Value (Sponsored by Beneath The Sea, PADI, and Oceanic Worldwide). For a young scholar looking to take scuba training to an advanced or professional level:  Divemaster, First Responder, Instructor.  2018 Recipient: Shalimar G. Moreno

Art of Underwater Photography Scholarship - $1000 Value (Sponsored by Maria Hults- Underwater Photographer/WDHOF member and Riekstins Restaurants) A beginner’s hands-on introduction study class for an applicant in Underwater Photography and Imaging Fundamentals taught by Maria Hults. A camera and underwater housing suitable for beginners is included. 2018 Recipient: Ailey Sheehan

Discovery Scholarship - $1500 For an individual searching for a life focus, to consider a marine career and may be applied to any recognized program in the field of marine study or its many support services. 2018 Recipients: Krista Chempiel $1500 and Jessica (Jessie) Jackson - honorable mention $800

Don Reynolds Memorial Scholarship - $1000 For a young man or woman pursuing a marine career in a program at a recognized training facility for which the addition of scuba diving certification would enhance the credentials and talent you already possess. 2018 Recipient: Ana Brown

Ocean Pals Junior Dive Training Grant - $1000 (Sponsored by JoAnn Zigahn -WDHOF member and co-founder of Beneath The Sea, Inc.)  For a young woman, who wishes to begin or further her dive education/training. Up to $500 may be used for dive training, and up to $500 may be used for dive equipment. 2018 Recipient: Sophia Riesen

Jordan Viders Spirit of the Sea Award & Scholarship - $1000 For an individual who, like Jordan, follows a career path using electronics to illuminate and expand our underwater knowledge. 2018 Recipient: Alexander J. Gonzalez

Jorge Beale Hyperbaric Medicine Scholarship (Sponsored by Life Support Technologies) Offered in honor of Doctor Jorge Beale, a true pioneer and educator in diving and hyperbaric medicine. The recipient of this scholarship will be invited to a Life Support Technologies forty-hour UHMS approved course.  2018 Recipient:  Cynthia D. Reardon

Sea of Tomorrow Scholarship - For participation in a recognized or accredited program in the fields of marine environmental conservation, biology, ecology, research, or training in a diving related program necessary for participation in these fields of endeavor.   2018 Recipient: Benny X. Bonet Santiago

Sid Aconsky “Measure Twice, Cut Once” Scholarship - $1000 (Sponsored by The Bottom Dwellers/Friends of Sid Aconsky) In honor of Sid for his generosity, accomplishments and his legacy, this scholarship is offered to an individual to be involved in learning to scuba dive through oceanic research, by purchasing equipment or furthering their scuba education.  2018 Recipients: Carolyn Burch

Two Open Water Certification Scholarships -  $500 each (Sponsored by SECONN Skin Divers – regional dive club in Southeast, Connecticut) To encourage two individuals to obtain their open water scuba certification. The open water scuba training will be conducted at one of their member scuba shops in Connecticut.   2018 Recipients: Joseph Saldedo and Paige Vetrano

NEW THIS YEAR Maritime Career Scholarship - $1000 This scholarship is awarded to an individual, interested in pursuing a career in a maritime-related field, including but not limited to marine engineering, marine transportation, marine technology/small vessel operations, and other related fields. 2018 Recipient: Trevor Webb

NEW THIS YEAR Recreational/Public Safety Diver Medic Technician (RDMT) Scholarship - $1000 Value (Sponsored by The Diver Medic/Chantelle Newman. There are two parts to the course, both theory and practical-based elements leading to the Recreational/Public Safety Diver medical technician course certificate.  2018 Recipient: Nicholas Grippo

NEW THIS YEAR Open Water Certification Scholarship - $500 (Sponsored by Dare2Dream Foundation) This scholarship will be awarded to a NYC inner city individual between the ages of 14-17 to encourage them to obtain their open water scuba certification. 2018 Recipient: Fotini-JoAnne Pezas

NEW THIS YEAR Open Water Certification Scholarship - $500 (Sponsored by Peter Venoutsos) This scholarship is to an individual to encourage them to obtain their open water scuba certification. 2018 Recipient: Christina Spinazola


Check www.beneaththesea.org in October 2018 for the 2019 Scholarship Application Guidelines and Forms.

Corporations and individuals interested in sponsoring a scholarship, please contact us at: scholarships@beneaththesea.org


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