2018 Beneath The Sea Scholarship Application

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It is highly recommended that you click here to download the application and prepare your answers before completing the online application


THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF BENEATH THE SEA® AND ITS SUPPORTERS offer a variety of scholarship opportunities for young people interested in exploring and protecting the ocean environment. Scholarship/Grant candidates should carefully read the qualifications applicable to each scholarship before applying. Scholarships are posted on www.BeneathTheSea.org.




RECREATIONAL/PUBLIC SAFETY DIVER MEDIC $1000 sponsored by The Diver Medic/Chantelle Newman. Age range is 18 and above.

MARITIME CAREER SCHOLARSHIP $1000 sponsored by Beneath The Sea. Age range is 18-22.

DON REYNOLDS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP $1000 sponsored by Beneath The Sea. Age range is 18-22.

DISCOVERY SCHOLARSHIP $1500 sponsored by Beneath The Sea. Age range is 13-15.

SEA OF TOMORROW SCHOLARSHIP $1000 sponsored by Beneath The Sea. Age range is 18-22. 

JORDAN VIDERS’ SPIRIT OF THE SEA SCHOLARSHIP $1000 sponsored by Beneath The Sea. Age range is 22-29.

ART OF UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOLARSHIP Value $1000 sponsored by Maria Hults/Riekstins Restaurants. Age range is 18-22.

SID ACONSKY “MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE” SCHOLARSHIP $1000 sponsored by The Bottom Dwellers/Friends of Sid Aconsky. Age range is 18-23. 

ADVANCED SCUBA DIVING CERTIFICATION SCHOLARSHIP $1000 sponsored by PADI and Oceanic Worldwide. Age range is 22-29.

  1. Scholarships are only open to candidates who are residents of the United States.
  2. Applicants may apply for only one scholarship each year.
  3. Scholarship funds are paid directly to the provider of the services or products acquired by the scholarship recipient.
  4. Scholarship awards may be considered as taxable income. Beneath The Sea® suggests that you consult with a tax advisor (accountant) to determine how receipt of this scholarship may impact your tax obligation.
  5. Applicants applying for an open water scuba certification scholarship should be aware that they should have no medical contraindications to scuba diving.
  6. The deadline for these scholarships is December 30, 2017 midnight Eastern Standard Time.  Deadline has been extended to January 30, 2018.
  7. Note the age ranges for the scholarships. You must be within that age range by the application deadline.
  8. Use the standard application form (see link below) and submit on or before the deadline.
  9. Two recommendations are required:
    1. Obtain two recommendations from persons in your community, i.e., scuba instructors, teachers, employers, mentors, etc. 
    2. Recommendations must arrive by the deadline or your application will be invalidated.
    3. Give your references enough time to write a recommendation, and follow-up to ensure they have been submitted on or before the deadline.
    4. Recommendations from family members, while heartfelt, carry less weight than references from a teacher, coach, employer, or non-family member. 
    5. Recommendations that are vague and do not give specific examples carry less weight. Provide the recommender with a copy of the scholarship description.
  10. Instructions to be given to your references:
    1. The recommendation should be sent as an email or attachment to an email to scholarships@beneaththesea.org
    2. The email subject line should state:  Recommendation for (the applicant’s name).
    3. The recommendation must be dated by December 30, 2017 midnight eastern standard time.  Scholarship Deadline has been extended to January 30, 2018.
  11. Incomplete applications (e.g., missing letters of recommendation, applicant’s age is outside the  indicated range, etc.) are ineligible.
  12. Spelling or grammar errors must be avoided. Proof all work, and we suggest you ask someone else to proof it as well.
  13. Please retain a copy of your application and all supporting materials.
  14. Please direct your questions/inquiries to  scholarships@BeneathTheSea.org

Beneath the Sea is handicapped accessible. If you require special aids or services please e-mail us at info@beneaththesea.org or call 914.664.4310
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