Beneath The Sea, Inc.
838 Pelhamdale Avenue, Unit R
New Rochelle, New York 10801

Phone: (914) 664 - 4310
Phone: (914) 552 - 0734
Fax: (914) 664 - 4315


Board of Trustees, Corporate Officers, and Senior Directors

Board of Trustees

Robert Ricke, Chairman
Clair Moore
Edward Smith
Raymond Tucker
Armand Zigahn
JoAnn Zigahn

Corporate Officers

Armand Zigahn - Executive Director, Founder
JoAnn Zigahn - President
Maria Hults - Executive Vice President
Rosemary Kurtti - Vice President
Special Projects for Youth
Chris Sasso - Vice President Operations
Edward Smith - Vice President Presentations

Senior Directors

Norman Berhannan - Guest Services
Bernie Chowdhury - Seminars
Randi Eisen - Exhibition
Steve Eisen - Prizes
Eduardo Grubicy - Photography
Corey Joiner - Special Services
Sandra Shaw - Scholarships
Andy Maher - Membership
Ann-Marie Mazzucco - Exhibition
Pat Petryszyn - Hospitality
Zeke Petryszyn - Registratio
 Larissa Potapchuck- Marine Careers

Alan Rios - Workshops
Vreni Roduner - Hospitality
Marilyn Sasso - Silent Auction
Robert Schrager - Awards / Imaging Competition
Judith Simek - Room Chairs
Lada Simek - Advisor to Workshops
Lucille Smith - Ocean Pals
Christian Sundahl - Facilitator
Gail Tucker - Ticketing
Simon Turner - Audio/Visual

Office Staff

Margret Ann Parry - Executive Assistant, Bookkeeper
Amy Darcy - Office Services
Ann-Marie Mazzucco - Exhibits Assistant
Pete McKay - IT Department

Beneath the Sea is handicapped accessible. If you require special aids or services please e-mail us at or call 914.664.4310
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