2016 Imaging Contest Winners

Best-In-Show Prize (Photo): The David Doubilet Award for Excellence in Underwater Photography.

Turtle Love

Edwar Herreno
Valensole Provence, France 

Equipment: Nikon D300, Tokina 10-17mm, Sea&Sea Housing and Strobes
Location: Bat Island - Costa Rica


First Place: Dwarf Minke Whale

Julia Sumerling
Cairns QL, AU


Second Place: Modern Dinosaur

Tony Cherbas
Kapaa HI

Equipment Canon 7D Mk2, 10-18mm lens
Location: Maui, Hawaii

Thrid Place: Periphylla Periphylla jellyfish

Laurent Miroult
Hainaut, Belgium

Equipment: Olympus E-PL5 and Inon S2000 strobes
Location: Gulen, Norway

Honorable Mention:  Whale Shark

Marchione Giacomo
La loggia, Italy

Equipment: Nikon D800E. 10,5mm Nikon
Location: Huvadhoo. Maldives

Honorable Mention: Eye to Eye

Douglas Hoffman
Kihei HI

Equipment nikon D810 16 mm lens/nexus housing 170 mm dome
Location: vavau' Tonga


First Place: Accountant

Viktor Lyagushkin
Moscow, Russia

Equipment: Nikon D4s, Subal housing, Nikkor 16/2.8, Ikelite 160 strobe
Location: Russia. Tver carrier

Second Place: Hiding Pike

Filip Staes
Mechelen, BE

Equipment: Nikon D7100, Tokina 10-17mm, 2 Inon Z240
Location: Haarlemmermeerse bos, The Netherlands

Third Place: In Your Face

Ellen Cuylaerts
Miami FL, US

Equipment: Nikon D800 Nikkor 16mm Sola 3000 Subal Housing
Location: Churchill, Canada

Honorable Mention: Meerval (Giant Catfish)

Luc Rooman
Kieldrecht Oivl, Belgium

Equipment: Nikon D810
Location: Hoofddorp (Holland)



First Place: Frog

Luc Rooman

Equipment: Nikon D810
Location: De Melle (Turnhout) 

Second Place: The Scream

Uwe Schmolke
Ruesselsheim, DE

Equipment: Nikon D800, 60mm Nikkor, single strobe and snoot
Location: Netherland

Third Place: Undescribed Lamprogrammus

Jeffrey Milisen
Kailua Kona HI, US

Equipment:  Canon T1i, Canon 60mm lens, Ikelite housing, dual Ikelite substrobe DS51
Location: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Honorable Mention: Octo House

Tyra Adamson
Kaysville, UT

Equipment: Canon 5d Mark II - 100mm Macro lens
Location:  Anilao Philippines

Honorable Mention: Night Patrol

Tyra Adamson
Kaysville, UT

Equipment: Canon 5d Mark II - 100mm Macro lens
Location:  Anilao Philippines


First Place: Next jawfish generation

Uwe Schmolke

Equipment: Nikon D200, 60mm Nikkor, single strobe
Location: Indonesia

Second Place: Lunch imminent

Domenico Roscigno
Torre Annunziata, IT

Equipment: nikond800e in seacam housing 10,5 mm 2 strobes icon z240
Location: Maldives

Third Place: Pike Eating Pearch

Luc Rooman

Equipment: Nikon D810
Location: Muisbroek, Belgium

Honorable Mention: Iguana

Luc Eeckhaut
Rumbeke, BE 

Equipment: Nikon D800
Location: Galapagos, Ecuador

Honorable Mention: Aussie Fur Seal

Matthew Tworkowski
Dalmeny NSW, AU

Equipment: Nikon D7000
?Location: Montague Island, Australia


First Place: Survivor

Yen Yi Lee
Taipei City, TW

Equipment: Canon 5DMK
Location: Mossel Bay, South Africa

Second Place: Offender & Profiteer

Thomas Heckmann
Gelsenkirchen, DE

Equipment: Nikon D800E/ Seacam Housing/ 16-35 mm/Subtronic Mega
Location: Curacao

Third Place: Caught in a Drag Net

Gregory Sweeney
Bokeelia, FL

Equipment: Canon 5D MK III EF15mm 2.8 Fisheye
Location: Isla Mujeres

Honorable Mention: Sad Manatee - Rescued by Ranger

Thomas Heckmann

Equipment: Nikon D800E / Seacam housing/ Sigma 15 mm fisheye, no strobe
Location:  U.S. Florida / Kings Bay


First Place: Merry Christmas

Kevin Tierney
Bronx NY, US

Equipment: Sealife DC1200
Location: Grand Turk

Second Place: In the Spotlight

Rowan Coe
Chermside Centre QL, AU

Equipment: Sony RX100ii, wide angle lens, Mangrove VC-3L6 video light
Location: Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, Australia

Thrid Place: Four Eyes

Shu-Mei Hung
Taoyuan City, TW

Equipment: Sony RX100
Location: Lembeh Strait,Indonesia

Honorable Mention: Manta Ray at Lady Elliot Island

Rowan Coe

Equipment: Sony RX100ii, wide angle lens, natural light
Location: Lighthouse Bommie, Lady Elliot Island, Australia

Best In Show Prize (Creative): The Jim Church Award for Excellence in Underwater Creative Imaging.

Mirror in a Tunnel

Massimo Giorgetta
Latina, IT

Second Place: Dancing Mermaids

Dennis Vandermeersch
Heule, BE

Third Place: The Long Walk

Aha Van Beeck
Weert, NL

Honorable Mention: Pandora’s Box Fish

Aha Van Beeck

Honorable Mention: Wreck and Jack

Jung Sook Lamy
North Bergen NJ, US

Best-In-Show Prize (Video): The Stan Waterman Award for Excellence in Underwater Videography.

What Would Wallace Think

Nicholas Dean
Encinitas CA, US



Second Place: Net of Wonder


Diane Randolph
Greenacres, FL


Third Place: Bali Closeup

Evan Sherman
Aliso Viejo, California




Killer Anenome

Walter Marti
Santa Ana CA, US


Second Place: Alien of the Deep

Diane Randolph
Greenacres FL 


Honorable Mention: Lizard Fish Losing Prey

John Van Lent
Geldermalsen, NL


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