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All freight will be unloaded at the Meadowlands Expo Center on Monday March16,2020 and must be cleared from by 2 pm, Friday, March 20, 2020. Any freight thatstill remains, will be re-routed via LibertyCFS. Please see the below informationregarding costs and procedures for having freight returned from the ad- vance warehouse.

  1. All Exhibitors shipping LibertyCFS will receive Discounted Prices and PriorityServices. Please contact exhibitorservices@libertycfs.us.
  2. Accommodating Outside Carriers:
    • Drayage Charge; $150.00 up to 500 lbs. Over 501 pounds - $250.00
    • All Exhibitors shipping Fed-Ex and/or UPS must provide / SMG EXPO withFed-Ex and/or UPS labels two days before the Exhibitor schedules their carriers.
    • All Exhibitors using Outside Carriers must provide SMG EXPO with a Bill of Lading two days before the exhibitor schedules their carrier.

Please call the below number or email exhibitorservices@mecexpo.com with anyquestions.

All orders that were placed for BTS March 2020, will be held for October 2020  Show unless Exhibitor informs SMG Exposition Services of any changes.

Meadowlands Expo Center
355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus NJ 07094

Thank you.

Frank DominiciGeneral
Manager SMGEXPO Services

Beneath the Sea is handicapped accessible. If you require special aids or services please e-mail us at info@beneaththesea.org or call 914.664.4310
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